Art & Photo Printing + Digital Restoration


Fine Art Printing

There are so many things that need to be taken into consideration when locating a business that specializes in fine art. Due to the adoption of new software and technology, the prevalence of fine art printing is more significant than it had ever been. We are proud to say that we have the highest quality printers in the industry. With eighteen years of operation, we’ve never settled for the second best once. We have devoted time and energy to ensuring that our printing staffs are experts of printing the perfect image. No matter what kind of prints you want, we can help you today!

Photo Printing

You might think that photo printing is something that anyone can do. However, Since 1998 Museum Quality has been offering professional photo printing services that other companies are unable to provide. Our trained professionals have been working at the photo printing industry for years. They work on designing projects on a daily basis, their dedication to their craftsmanship ensures the superb quality of your photo preproduction.

There’s no reason that your photo projects should look anything other than impeccable. You shouldn’t have to look around to find the right service provider that specializes in photo printing in Souther California. We have made a name for ourselves and we are willing to produce the best possible finished creations just for you.

Giclée Printing – Perfect For Fine Art/Photo Printing

How Giclée Printing Works

Due to the dominance of digital cameras in the marketplace, anyone who has an assortment of pictures hanging around should consult with a service that specializes in giclee printing. Archival giclee Inkjet printing is an ideal way to print fine art and photograph reproductions. This method of art printing uses the most advanced inkjet technology so that your pictures are guaranteed to look amazing. We understand what it takes time to make a print that truly pops. We have invested in the right technology and software that allows us to help you create the best quality fine art/photo prints, or even stunning masterpieces.

We Work With Your Budget

It’s important to keep in mind that there is always a budget that needs to be considered. However, with our expertise in fine art/photo printing, we are able to cut the costs and maintain a high service quality. We have been providing quality fine art/photo printing services to our customers for years, we know how to work with budgets and get things done at affordable prices.


  • Your piece will look absolutely accurate and beautiful
  • Competitive pricing
  • Expedited service available

Giclée Printing | Production Guidelines

We will gladly print on any premium and fine art paper that is not on the list below. We will tailor a solution to your fine art printing needs to ensure that your photographs retain all the magic and detail of the original.

We use the best available printer models to print your image in any desired width up to 64″.

Printers in house:

Epson & Canon

Paper Types

  • Enhanced Matte
  • Premium Glossy
  • Premium Luster
  • Canvas Matte
  • Canvas Satin
  • Somerset Velvet
  • Fine Linen Canvas
  • Fabulous Fabric
  • Platinum Rag
  • Watercolor


We will gladly print on any premium and fine art paper that is not on the list. Just let us know! We will tailor a solution to your fine art printing needs to ensure that your photographs retain all the magic and detail of the original.

Your File Specifications:

  • Format: tiff, flattened
  • Color Space: Adobe RGB (1998)
  • Resolution: 180dpi, 240dpi, 360dpi
  • Light Retouching (10 minutes or less) – $20.00
  • Regular Retouching (10 – 20 minutes) – $35.00
  • Heavy Retouching (Over 20 minutes) – $45.00 and up

Test strip (proof) : $10 each* (5″ high of your image, maximum 44″ wide)

The cost of your 1st test strip will be deducted from your further printing job of the same file.

Photo Retouching/Editing Service

In addition to fine art printing, we offer everything from simple color correction to image compositing. Special retouching rates with quantity print order:

Special retouching rates are for customers who place a quantity print order for the same images after they are retouched. Customers opting for only our retouching services please contact our staff.


Consistent Results:

Our consistency brings our clients back to us time and again. From our first project to the current one, our quality of work has only gotten better.

Photo Retouching | Image & Photo Editing

  • Restoration of damaged photos
  • Dirt spots and stains removal services
  • Scratches, creases and tears removal services
  • Repair of Faded Photographs
  • Color correction
  • Colorization of B&W photos
  • Reconstruction of missing sections
  • Sun damaged photos
  • Repair of torn and cracked photos
  • Removing yellowness from the aged photographs
  • Fixing red eye
  • Repair of water damaged photos
  • Correction of eyebrow width and removing stray hair
  • Wedding Photo Retouching

Have Professional Photos that need additional work? 

Without light, photography as we know it would not be possible. Controlled light is what allows us to create beautifully executed studio or outdoor portraits and wedding images that enhance the bridal gown with great detail and precision. Uncontrolled light can create a real disaster such as extreme over exposure, unintended lens flare, hard shadows and light spots. There’s no need to stress over that scenario as we can quickly improve or repair most problems caused by glare, flare, sun spots or shadows.

A typical photo edit can include:

  • Scanning
  • Color Correction
  • Bring Sharpness & Detailing
  • Rebuilding and Reprinting

Pricing for a scan and correction on a single image can start at $35.00.  Call or visit the studio for more details and price quotes.

“I’d love to retouch my whole life”  – Dusty Springfield