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Museum Quality offers the largest selection of frames and framing materials in Ventura County. We can custom frame just about anything at any size. Shadow boxes, collectibles, unique items, photographs, prints and originals are all handled and managed by the best designers and picture framers in the area. Come in today and see for yourself, the quality of our craftsmanship is simply unmatched

Did you know that framing a special piece of art or memorabilia can actually help to preserve it and keep it in beautiful condition for future generations? Custom framing can also help bridge the gap that may exist between a favorite piece of art or item and the style throughout the rest of your home.

Perhaps you live in a modern space but would like to display Grandma’s beautiful, handcrafted quilt square? Custom framing it in a design that not only highlights Grandma’s art, but also complements your decor, will make it look as if the antique quilt square was meant for your contemporary space.

We also offer custom beveled mirrors which can be framed, delivered and properly installed, all by Museum Quality.

Art prints, limited edition and collectible works of art are on display in our fine art gallery. Whether you are looking for that special work of art for the mantle, dining room, or bedroom, Museum Quality offers a fine art selection unmatched in Ventura County.


  • An unmatched level of quality framing, 100% customer satisfaction
  • Expansive menu of services including Giclée printing, canvas stretching, face mounting, etc.
  • Framing consultation and design advice for all types of artworks
  • A custom solution for every need and budget.
  • Rush orders are available.
  • Same Day Service is available.
  • Pickup and Delivery service is available in the local area.
  • Expedited service available

Hanging picture frames

When hanging your frames, keep the following guidelines in mind:

1. Use standard picture frame hangers rated for appropriate weight, for heavier weight works, always mount the frame on a wall stud.  If you cannot mount on a wall stud, then invest in drywall anchors to provide a secure mount.

2. If your frame uses a wire for hanging, install it a little higher than you think you want it. This will help compensate for the “droop” that will occur when the frame hangs on the wire.

3. If you are hanging one frame by itself, then it should be hung at a level that is barely below your eye-level. It causes less strain on your neck to look slightly downward, and it will help your frame to mix with your decor.

4. If you are hanging a few frames, stagger them at slightly different heights. Try to keep them at least 6 inches apart from each other if possible to help keep the images from bleeding into one another. This is not a recommended practice for artistic pieces. It is a very popular practice for hanging photographs of family and friends. When hanging frames of different sizes, create a “median line” in your head that runs the length of the area where you’re installing the frames. Hang the frames so that they are bisected by this imaginary line.  If you have a tight collage wall of frames planned then of course these rules do not apply (such as example on right).