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Material Overview

PremierArt Generations state of the art inkjet coating technology yields the highest D-Max in the industry. The increased D-Max also yields the highest color gamut available in inkjet fine art products. The Generations family of Fine Art Papers and canvas have been especially designed for image permanence and are extremely resistant to pre-mature yellowing.

Generations Satin Canvas is on a poly/cotton canvas base with a 2:1 weave for excellent stretching properties and added strength. Generations canvas are available in both a museum grade natural white base, and a photo grade bright white base.

Generations Alise Fine Art Paper is a new 100% cotton fine art paper with a smooth surface, ideal for photography and fine art reproductions. Alise is an acid free paper which is buffered for added longevity.

PremierArt Velvet Fine Art Paper is the best paper where a soft texture is desired to complement the image.  This beautiful cotton paper has an advanced acid free coating that has an expanded tonal range and a high D-Max. 300g – 100% Rag

PremierArt Smooth Fine Art paper is the best paper for prints that require Museum Grade quality, especially when Image Permanence is the critical factor.  This Smooth Cotton Paper was designed for long life when used with the many pigmented ink systems on the market today. 325 – 500g – 100% Rag

Premium Photo Gloss: This glossy paper is excellent for photography as well as displays and proofing. It is made on a Photographic Resin Coated (RC) base, similar to traditional silver halide color paper, but the 10.4 mil base is 15% heavier for a professional feel.This Ultra-clear polyester film is ideally suited for overlays. This water resistant media has a glossy finish formulated to accept both dye and pigment ink form piezo and thermal printers. Can be easily laminated for added outdoor protection.

Premium Photo Luster: This is an “E” surface paper that is traditionally used in the portrait and wedding markets. It features a rich texture that breaks up reflective glare, and reduces gloss differential commonly found with pigmented ink sets available in the market.

PremierArt Print Shield is best coating for prints that require an increase in lightfastness and scuff resistance. It is also excellent for the elimination of gloss differential.  This lacquer based coating designed for long life when used with the many pigmented ink systems on the market today.

Non Yellowing Formula
Water Resistant
Low Dissolved Solids
Abrasion Resistant
Lacquer Based

PremierArt Eco Print Shield is best coating for canvas since it does not crack when stretched. This advanced polymer coating will not yellow or go brittle.  This water based coating protects prints from moisture, light, humidity, atmospheric contaminants, abrasions and even fingerprints. Available in a Gloss, Satin and Matte finish. For use with water resistant canvas only. If using with a satin or gloss canvas on Canon Lucia inks, a base coat of Print Shield must be used prior to Eco Print Shield application.

Water Based
Non Cracking Formula
Ozone and water resistant
Non Yellowing
Abrasion Resistant
Non Toxic

Epson & Canon Printing Systems

Epson UltraChrome K3™ ink technology represents a defining moment in the history of ink jet printing. Based on our newest-generation of pigment ink, Epson UltraChrome K3 ink incorporates eight new color pigments, including a new three-level black technology, dramatically raising the bar for professional color and black and white prints.

Imagine producing archival prints with amazing color fidelity, gloss-level, and scratch resistance, while providing consistently stable colors that significantly outperform lesser ink technologies. Imagine producing professional neutral and toned black and white prints with higher density levels and virtually no metamerism or bronzing.